As the name suggests it is a system that converts RSS Feeds into the content of a CMS system. In other words CMS content syndication through RSS. It is built in such a flexible way that it doesn't matter which CMS system it connects to. Settings inside this free open source script let you define how you access the data base.

Some of the options of this script include:
  • Import RSS feeds into the CMS of your choice.
  • Schedule for automatic update for your favorite feeds into your CMS content.
  • Decide which articles you import into your CMS by creating keywords for each feed.
  • Use the content management feature to insert content if you don't like the interface of your CMS.
  • Switch easy betweer CMS settings.
  • Add your own settings if the CMS template is not listed.

Latest version 1.1 Changes:

  • ImportCMS() function didn't include prefix to the feeddata table.
  • Import to Joomla gave double texts in articles and the url had double http:// in them.
  • Cms update error messages were shown before logging into the system.
New functionality:
  • Option to strip the http:// from the url that is being exported to CMS.
  • Usage is [$url=nohttp$].
  • CMS authors query is added to CMS Settings.
  • Selection of author that adds content can be inserted with the [$authorid$] varaible.
  • Misc variables for dates and time are added.
  • Installation script is added for easy install.
  • Settings for WordPress CMS are added.

You can see the demo in the demos section and download this free script in the download section.

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